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Who doesn’t want to save time, money and reduce stress?

InphoniteVoice will save time, money and reduce stress.
Over the past 20 years of helping our customers improve and better their relationships with their customers, we have learned a lot about what our customers need. Whether you are a small medical clinic or a large hospital, a delivery service, a pest control business, or an automotive dealer, Inphonite knows how to help. Our friendly technical support team can help you reduce your workload, decrease appointment no-shows, and strengthen the relationships you have with your customers.
With the ability to send and receive messages such as appointment reminder software , lab results,emergency notifications, birthday greetings, recalls, past due notices or handle your marketing and survey needs, Inphonite has you covered.
InphoniteVoice appointment reminder software solutions can be a private, standalone appointment reminder software machine that you manage or can be hosted through our servers with our Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The InphoniteVoice SaaS messaging solution is unrivaled in its ease of use, while maintaining the same amazing personalized customizations Inphonite is known for. As always our Implementations Department will connect and walk you through the training and creation of your own detailed messaging set up no matter what version is right for you.
In fact, if you choose to maintain your own machine, but want the security of never being down, we will soon be able to back up your information to our hosted version, and handle your calling needs for you anytime, on the fly.  Give us a call and start your risk free 30 day no cost trial of our appointment reminder software to see how this amazing software can improve your office to patient communication and workflow.

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Interfaces with Most Practice Management Systems
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Patient Have a Choice to Accept Appointment, Decline, Leave Message and more…

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