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Enhance the security of your Practice and Secure Communication with Patients and Other Contacts

We have been a proud reseller of AVG Antivirus form many years and were extremely please when they took their interface capablilities to the web creating their CloudCare Antivirus product along with additional services.  This gave us the ability to manage our clients in an unprecedented way, and made for deploying new products and services to our clients fast and easy.  Now our AVG CloudCare Services include the new AVG Anti-spam, Encrypted Email Service and Email Archiving added to their content filtering,  HIPAA Secure Online Backup Service, and award winning Antivirus.  We have the product to protect your office.

  • AVG Encrypted Email encrypts emails on an enterprise or individual basis, according to configurable polices based on subject-matter lexicons, including HIPAA, Financial Services, UK NIN, and state data breach notification laws. Custom policies are also available to always encrypt email going “To:” a specific domain.
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  • AVG Email Archive archives email, and provides powerful email search capabilities, simple email recovery to the user’s inbox, and web-based access to the archive for business continuity.
  • AVG Email Archive Lite provides users with many of the same capabilities as AVG Email Archive, but limited to a rolling sixty (60) day archive of all email
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