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Getting Paid Should Be the Easy Part of Practicing Medicine.

Waystar Makes Sure It IS With Their EDI Services Plus Clearinghouse Solution

Nothing can eat up a practice manager’s day like having to chase down claims lost in the maze of electronic billing and payer procedures. Waystar’s (Formerly Practice Insight) flagship product, EDIinsight®, offers physician practices a flashlight in the maze and tools that help you reduce rejections, speed payments, and increase total reimbursements.

Practice Insight

See the only EDI solution that gives power to the practices:

  • Manage your complete revenue cycle in one place—in EDIinsight, everything is connected.
  • Whatever you need is instantly accessible from wherever you are.
  • Get real-time claim statuses instantly—just click on a claim to see its complete history and current status.
  • See instant e-responses to patient eligibility and other requests.
  • Catch errors before they go out with integrated claim scrubbing, including custom edits you can easily create yourself.
  • Easily create and edit electronic secondary claims.
  • Challenge underpayments successfully before it’s too late with detailed, accessible payment and denial information.
  • Prove claims were filed on time: in just one click, you can create a “Timely Filing letter.”
  • Ensure no task, no claim is forgotten with flexible, easy-to-use workflow management.

Let us and Waystar open your eyes to the possibilities.

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