Why Drs® Enterprise?

 Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency.
 Certified EHR for Meaningful Use.
 Fast automated workflows.
 WYSIWYG Technology.
 Truly, Easy to Use.

Choose the right path for your future…
Install Drs® Enterprise in your practice today!

(Click on the link below for the PDF Brochures for the DRS Enterprise system)

 DRS Enterprise Workflow  DRS Enterprise Workflow

DRS Enterprise Paperless Features (Page 1)  DRS Enterprise Paperless Features (Page 1)

 DRS Enterprise Paperless Features (Page 2) DRS Enterprise Paperless Features (Page 2)

 DRS Enterprise and Meaningful Use DRS Enterprise and Meaningful Use

DRS Enterprise Narrative Writer DRS Enterprise Narrative Writer

 DRS Enterprise and Interoperability DRS Enterprise and Interoperability

DRS Enterprise and ePrescribing  DRS Enterprise and ePrescribing